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Business idea “from scratch”: rent a car to work in a taxi

Your driving experience, backed by experience and knowledge of Moscow, can serve you well and bring a stable good income. Today, fewer people are eager to use public transport and the metro, preferring comfortable journeys in a taxi. Using this, we developed a scheme of beneficial bilateral cooperation: rent a car under a taxi. According to the scheme on favorable terms, you can rent a business car or economy class for private transportation or join a company that provides such services in Moscow.

How to make money in Moscow: rent a car under a taxi with a ransom

Rent a car in Moscow under a taxi – a profitable own business. Taxi drivers, of course, feel competition, but rarely remain without work. The main problem for most is the lack of own car and the opportunity to purchase it in the near future. We offer rental cars of different classes with subsequent redemption.

To start your own business, you can take one car and do it yourself. Or rent a few cars, one or different classes, providing transportation services to different segments of the population. Renting a car to work in a taxi is an opportunity to start your own business with a minimum investment.

Fleet for taxi drivers

Before renting a car under a taxi, determine the selection criteria: the car should be quite economical, roomy, equipped with equipment for a comfortable stay in it. It is important to have a roomy trunk, air conditioning system, GPS navigator. What can we offer you?

Rent a car business class for a taxi is relevant if you are going to engage in private transportation, providing quality services daily. In our catalog you can choose Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, European and Russian business-class cars. In addition to an affordable price, they will be pleased with comfortable spacious lounges and trunks, a decent level of comfort. Such cars are resistant to increased operation, inexpensive to maintain. The most popular business-class cars are Mazda, Genesis, Besturn, Audi, Tesla, Geely, Opel, Ford, Chevrolet, Dongfeng, Volvo, Mercedes.

If your goal is to feed a car for events (weddings, presentations, graduation parties), to airports and train stations to meet important people – pay attention to the cars of the executive class. Stylish design and increased comfort – the main characteristics that will appreciate wealthy customers. We can offer models of world famous manufacturers – Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Audi, Infiniti, Cadillac and Range Rover.

Call and we will tell you about the conditions for renting a car for a taxi with a ransom. We have the most favorable conditions: we are interested in your success.

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Какие варианты аренды автомобиля с выкупом у нас доступны?
1. Аренда авто из нашего автопарка или б/у от любого продавца.
Выбирайте любой автомобиль из каталога на сайте или подержанное авто из другого места (по объявлению и т.д.).
Отправляйте нам онлайн заявку. Мы оперативно подготовим авто к аренде, тщательно проверим техническое и косметическое состояние и предоставим его вам. Предлагаем широкий выбор машин от эконом до премиум-класса со средним возрастом 2 года. Выберите модель и рассчитайте итоговую стоимость аренды авто с выкупом за несколько секунд!
2. Покупка нового авто в автосалоне.
Вы выбираете любой автомобиль в одном из автосалонов Москвы или МО, мы покупаем его после заключения договора и сдаем вам в аренду. Наша компания берет на себя все расходы по оформлению сделки и страховок (КАСКО, ОСАГО), от вас потребуются только документы (паспорт, права) и оплата первого взноса
3. Аренда автомобиля для работы в такси.
В нашем автопарке вы можете увидеть хорошие авто для успешного начала работы в такси. Ваи не придется задумываться с чего начать — в наличии имеются специально оформленные модели авто. А мы поможем Вам подключиться к любому ведущему агрегатору такси: Uber, Gett, Яндекс.Такси .
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